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Fall Fundraiser – November 4th, 2016 at Manchester Country Club.

BEF’s largest fundraising event of the year was held in November as a community night of fun and celebration. The event was sold out with close to 300 people in attendance and raised over $30,000.

We are thrilled to announce we have secured the date of November 4, 2016 to once again hold our annual FUNraiser at Manchester Country Club. Buy your tickets now at: 

BEF Supports Foreign Language Exchange

This past August, Bob Jozokos, Associate Principal and Administrator for World Language at Bedford High School (BHS), and Jody Brown, a French teacher at BHS, traveled to Mazamet, France to establish a relationship with Lycée Jeanne d'Arc with the goal of creating a French sister-school exchange program.  Bob and Jody were among several educators that received a grant from the Bedford Education Foundation (BEF) to make this visit and program possible.

During their visit, Bob and Jody were escorted around the city and local area by English teachers from Jeanne d'Arc, Brigid Boutet and Michele Lamandin.  They toured several churches within town and the town center to see the local cafes, plaza, restaurants, museum, and movie theater that will be available to BHS students.  They also drove into La Montagne Noire, a low mountain range, which offers lakes for swimming, hiking trails, a high ropes course, and the medieval village and castle ruins of Hautpoul.  BHS students study Hautpoul and its history within the French IV curriculum.  Hautpoul is believed to be founded by Visigoths and the site later played a role during the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars of southern France and northern Italy.  

Mazamet itself has an interesting history as a city known for its fellmongering (removing wool from sheepskin). Sheepskins imported from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa were processed in Mazamet because of the high quality of its water.  There are numerous grand maisons found throughout the city from its heyday in the 19th century.

Lycée Jeanne d'Arc has approximately 400 students and about 50 of that number are boarding students, however, they board only three nights per week.  The school has just over 60 teachers.  Their school day begins at 7:55am and ends at 5:30pm.  Students have about an hour and a half for lunch; many travel home at that time.  The school is equipped similarly to BHS: a theater, a dining hall, a library (shared with the middle school), two computer labs, and typical classrooms and science labs.  Some differences include an on campus chapel, a radio station, and the boys’ and girls’ dormitories.

While in France, Bob and Jody finalized plans for the first student exchange.  BHS students will go to France during Intersession and April vacation of this academic year.  The Jeanne d'Arc students will come to BHS in October of 2017.

“Jody Brown and I want to thank the BEF for their generous grant that allowed the two of us to go meet the staff of Jeanne d'Arc, tour the school, and see the city,” said Bob. “While it was a fruitful and enriching experience for us as professionals, the real benefit will be for our students, and we thank you for that.”

In addition to kick-starting the French sister school program this summer, BEF also awarded a grant to establish a sister school in Taiwan for our Mandarin language students at BHS.  Both of these opportunities are modeled on the successful Spanish sister-school exchange program, started in 2014 with support from a BEF grant.  The photo shows the 25 Spanish exchange students and their BHS hosts during their recent visit.

In 2016, BEF provided grants totaling more than $27,000 to Bedford educators.  BEF grants are awarded to teachers and staff to encourage creative and innovative educational opportunities for students in the Bedford School District.  Some of the other 2016 grants funded teacher participation in the National Conference on Singapore Math and the UCONN Confratute, as well as the creation of a morning news show at Peter Woodbury School and assistance in launching a district-wide Digital Learning Day.  

2016 Grant Recipients

  • Robert Jozokas: French Sister School 
Exchange and Mandarin (Taiwan) Sister School Exchange Programs, Bedford High 
  • Terry Bullard:  Digital Learning Day, #futureready, Bedford School District 
  • Abigail Bergen: Noodle – therapy bunny, McKelvie 
  • Chelsea Correia: Morning News Show – news broadcasting program, Peter Woodbury 
  • Georgia Brussard: Best Practices in Literacy Instruction with Technology, Lurgio 
  • Meagan Read: UCONN Confratute 2016, Riddle Brook 
  • Tracey Gamache: 2016 National Conference on Singapore Math Strategies, Riddle Brook 
  • Heather Brunelle: Project Based Learning, Lurgio 

Bedford Education Foundation Announces 2015 Grant Recipients

The Bedford Education Foundation (BEF) is pleased to announce that it is awarding 7 grants to Bedford Educators for its 2015 grant cycle.

This year grants have been awarded to the following individuals

  • Lisa Dudgeon, Bedford High School
  • Jessica Ferenc, Peter Woodbury School
  • Georgia Brussard, Lurgio Middle School
  • Courtney Cheetham, Lurgio Middle School
  • Joanne Tranchemontagne, Lurgio Middle School
  • Josefine Garcia, Memorial Elementary School
  • Jodi Parson, McKelvie Intermediate School

Over the last several years, BEF has awarded over $95,000 to schools and educators to advance its goal of improving education in Bedford. Grants have been given to all Bedford schools and all grade levels.   This year, the BEF also formed a new partnership with the Bedford Rotary that has generously funded the grant for Lisa Dudgeon at Bedford High School.  Bedford Kids First Trust has once again contributed generous funds towards our mutual goal of supporting teachers and students in Bedford schools.


We're excited to share with you how the Bedford Education Foundation (BEF) partners with the community to open doors of opportunity for students to help ensure a strong future. We know that it takes many people with a shared vision to help create positive transformation. And when that happens in individual students or in groups of students, it’s magical! Helping people assist students in need, connecting passions with possibilities, and creating lasting legacies…these are the things that drive the BEF. Please browse our Web site to discover areas of interest that stir your heart. Feel free to contact the Foundation to find out more. We always enjoy sharing success stories and helping educators and students follow their dreams.

Who We Are

The Bedford Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and non-partisan organization whose mission is to support academic excellence of the Bedford, New Hampshire public schools by raising and providing funds for the benefit of its students.

Consistent with this mission, the BEF will raise monies from individuals and businesses through an annual appeal and community events, and channel these funds back to the schools through a grants program. Teachers, staff and administrators will be able to apply for grants from the BEF each year. (Read more)

2014 Grant Awards 

The Bedford Education Foundation (BEF) has reviewed the many applications received and has awarded its 2014 Program and Summer Fellowship grants.

Over the last several years, BEF has awarded over $98,000 to schools and educators to advance its goal of improving education in Bedford. Grants have been given to all Bedford schools and all grade levels. Some notable awards include the multi-disciplinary Legos project, the BHS BASE Camp, the aquarium in the entrance to Memorial School (integrated into multiple curricula), the "musical playground" at Peter Woodbury, the BHS Personal Finance curriculum, the Galapagos project, multiple writing seminars, the BHS Challenge Day program, multiple anti-bullying workshops, several programs focused on the improved use of technology in education, and many more.

Paul Brock, BEF chairman, said, "BEF raises money from Bedford parents who care about improving the quality of education in Bedford, and we distribute these funds in a very targeted and thoughtful way to schools and teachers. We look for maximum leverage - where can the largest number of students gain the most, and we also look for innovative and cutting-edge programs."

This year, BEF received and reviewed 15 applications from 25 teachers at five of Bedford's schools. Through the planning efforts of BEF board member Brit Munsterteiger, all of the applications this year were submitted electronically, which made the process easier for the submitters as well as for the BEF reviewers. The applications were reviewed by the BEF board as well as by three community volunteers. Two of this year's awards went to support the foreign language department at Bedford High School. One was to support Laura Chennette's efforts in the Modern Language Study Abroad program. Related to this award is a second Foreign Language award intended to support the establishment of a Spanish sister school for BHS, which will allow Spanish students to attend BHS and for BHS students to study abroad in Spain.

Heather Brunelle received an award to attend a 'Flipped Learning' conference. Flipped Learning, appropriate for some disciplines and some classes, embraces the concept of 'flipping' what work is done at home (homework) and what is done in school. It makes the teacher more available at the times when the students need the help the most.

Tristen Bowen received a grant to attend the Confratute University of Connecticut NEAG Center for Gifted and Talented. Rachel Ramsey and Hilary Woods received grants to attend the IMSW Orton-Gillingham Advanced Continuum Training. This training is focused on decoding, encoding, vocabulary, grammar, writing, spelling rules, along with Greek and Latin roots.

Dawn Pons, Julia Fine, Erin Milem and Kate Schoendinger received a grant to support a new program at the Ross A. Lurgio School called "A Long Walk to Water." This multi-disciplinary program addresses the physical, social, and geographic issues surrounding water availability in the Sudan.

Eric O'Brien, BEF treasurer, said, "This year's decisions were extra hard. We had a number of very high quality applications and we wish we could have supported more. Unfortunately, we are bound by not only our funding level but by our mission - to support innovation, pilot programs, and 'outside-the-box' programs. Our job will be much easier, and we will support more innovation, when we increase our financial support from the community and local businesses."

Brock commented on the fund raising efforts of BEF. "We have a short-term goal to raise funds to support current programs, and we have a strategic goal of funding an endowment that will ensure we can perform our mission in perpetuity."

2013 Grant Awards 

The Bedford Education Foundation (BEF) has awarded its 2013 grants totaling $14,000 to teachers and specialists in the Bedford School District.  Over the last several years, the foundation has awarded more than $90,000 to fund advanced training, enrichment, and special programs for the benefit of district students.  The foundation is also hosting its Spring Fundraising Event at the LaBelle Winery on May 31st.

2013 BEF grants include $3,800 for the purchase of a Structural Stress Analyzer for the Technology Education department, $3200 in support of Challenge Day for high school students, $2,355 for attendance at the Columbia University Writer’s Workshop, and $1080 for the purchase of BrainCogs software to aid elementary and middle school students develop executive function skills such as goal setting, planning, prioritizing, and organizing.

Technology Education teacher Daniel Caron submitted the Structural Stress Analyzer grant application. The Structural Stress Analyzer will allow High School and Middle School students to test a variety of metals (aluminum, steel, brass, etc.) and structures they have designed such as bridges and towers. According to Caron, "An important part of the design process is building and testing prototypes. With the analyzer connected to a computer, students will be able to analyze the graphic output of their test to examine the failure process and make suggestions for redesign of their structures."  This capability will bring the learning to life and spark interest in Engineering and Technology careers.  This grant takes advantage of state matching funds in support of engineering programs, which increases the benefit to the school district. 

School Counselors Zanna Blaney and Kristie Torbick submitted the Challenge Day application, which will support a workshop for 100 students next year.  The Challenge Day program was created to build connections and empathy, and to promote the vision that every child lives in a world where they feel safe, loved, and celebrated.

Additional approved grants include funding for Reading Specialist Kate Schoedinger to attend the Columbia Writer’s Workshop at Columbia University.   Andrew Mezeske has been funded to attend the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention in Boston.  Angelia Dearborn and Michelle King have been funded to bring an author to visit K-2 students.

The many generous supporters of the Bedford Education Foundation have funded these grants, which make a significant difference in the level of quality and innovation in the school system.




 BEF Grant Applications Available - Read More


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