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Bedford High School Runs Successful BASE Camp

November 8, 2012.   To ease the transition of graduating 8th graders to BHS, the high school counselling staff ran a 'BASE Camp' during the summer of 2012. The BEF was pleased to support this program as part of its 2012 Grant Cycle.  Read the full story here (

Copper Door Supports Bedford Education Foundation

It’s terrific when there exists strong synergy between a community and the businesses in that community. The community supports the business and the business prospers. The business supports the community and the community prospers. Read the full story here (CD_news_article_v2.pdf)

Donations Received in Memory of Teacher’s Husband

BEF Endowment Fund receives substantial donations in memory of a teacher who was a BEF grant recipient. Read the full story here (memorial_donations.pdf)

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