Bedford Education Foundation


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the mission of the BEF?

The mission of the Bedford Education Foundation is to support academic excellence of the Bedford public schools by raising and providing funds for the benefit of its students. 

Q: What are the goals of the BEF?

  • Foster an environment of involvement in the interest of our children’s education
  • Encourage creativity in the schools
  • Establish a self-sustaining endowment fund for the long-term educational excellence of the schools
  • Enhance educational opportunities at all levels throughout the entire district

Q: What Types of Programs will be Funded?

The initial priorities for allocating/providing funds will be:     

  • Supporting teacher development
  • Encouraging innovative projects
  • Improving facilities – value added projects
  • Providing scholarships to students

Q:  Who runs BEF?

A voluntary Board of Directors comprised of members of the Bedford community runs BEF. The board is made up of a diverse group of individuals who bring a wide variety of skills and professional expertise to the BEF Board, and who are nominated  for terms of three or more years.

Q: How is BEF funded?

BEF depends primarily on the tax-deductible contributions of Bedford residents, businesses, and others interested in supporting Bedford Public Schools.  In the future, BEF anticipates that it will fund its grants program through an Annual Appeal and fundraising events.  The Endowment Fund will support the BEF mission in perpetuity.

Q: What is the relationship of the Bedford Education Foundation and the School District?

This collaborative process will ensure that we are all on the same page and working toward the same goal of academic excellence.

Q: Are There Other Education Foundations or is BEF Unique?

Educational foundations like BEF are very common. There are hundreds of similar foundations across the country and in almost every state. These communities have faced the fact that tax revenue alone is not enough to provide enhanced opportunities for learning and teaching.  Educational foundations, like BEF, provide a focused commitment to educational excellence in public schools.  Click here to see a partial List of Education Foundations.

Q:  How can I be part of BEF?

BEF depends on volunteers for all aspects of its operations, and it’s a great way to get to know more about BEF. Volunteer opportunities are available in publicity, fundraising, events planning, publications and more.

Q:  How do I contact BEF?

Click here to see our Contact Information.

Supporting Academic Excellence In The Bedford Public Schools. A Private Commitment to Public Education.