Bedford Education Foundation


Summer Fellowship Grant

Summer Fellowship Grants are designed to allow Bedford educators an opportunity to obtain funding to attend courses, seminars and workshops, with the ultimate aim of benefiting students upon return to the classroom. The specific goals of the grants are:

  • Promote innovative professional development for educators outside the scope of that provided by the Bedford school department
  • Provide opportunities for educators to expand their knowledge and skills
  • Provide opportunities for educational leadership
  • Encourage and support educators in their lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

The maximum professional development grant will be $2,000. The number of grants awarded each year will depend upon the number of applications received, and funding availability.  BEF funds may be used for tuition, books, and other materials related to courses, seminars and workshops that fall within any of the above stated specific goals.  BEF funds may also be used to cover the travel costs directly related to the program in which the applicant is seeking to participate. Funded programs should be completed within the summer break time period for the Bedford Public School System, and may not interfere with any teacher workshops or scheduled class days. 

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